"That they may all be one."
-John 17:21
God is still speaking, United Church of Christ
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Council Meeting Minutes

Collbran Congregational Church, UCC
Regular Council Meeting Minutes
March 9, 2020

Persons Present:  Pastor Anne Djokic, Sue Bellotti, Jean Kees, Cindy Price, Sylvia Spangler, and Monica Klingler

Cindy called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.  Pastor read a devotional called “Pray Like You Mean It!” from Mark 9:23.  We are prayer warriors for our church.  We don’t need to be tentative, be bold in our prayers!  Anne gave a blessing for our church and her 5th year with us.  She asked about the needs of our “flock” and asked God’s help to answer this.

Clerk’s Report:  The minutes from the February 10, 2020 Council meeting were reviewed while we munched on good food..  A few corrections were noted.  Sue moved to accept the minutes as corrected.  Jean seconded.  The motion passed and carried.  
No deaths or births were noted in the past month.  However, we are so happy to have 6 new members, as of March 8th.  Becky Schowalter, Debbie Hamm, Lew and Tilda Evans, and Mike and Beverly Loftus are new members!  This brings the count of active members to 38! 7 more people will become members on March 15th- Becky Hittle, Josie Hittle, Bridget Hittle, Faith Hittle, Garett Hittle, Ashli Jo Hittle, and Hunter White.
Rachel Jennings stopped in to give an update on her gymnastics and dance classes held in the church. On May 8th, there will be a program for gymnastics.  She will have new 8 week sessions starting on March 30th.

Pastor’s Report: Anne gave her report.  She passed out an installation service bulletin sample for her upcoming installation.  The service will be approved by the Western Association on March 10th, 2020 at a 6 pm Zoom meeting.  Pastor also brought an invitation that she’ll send out next week to the congregation and to Western Association churches and to others we wish to inform of her installation.  That’s exciting!!  There was some discussion regarding the bread being served at communion.  Some folks have gluten allergies so the gluten free crackers can’t be touching the bread or stored with it.  Additionally, Sylvia will cut the bread into chunks so not everyone will have to touch the bread due to the new concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.  Everyone is excited about the upcoming lasagna dinner on March 13th. Cindy plans to ask Deb Terwedo if she’ll make a couple of pies for the dinner. Pastor noted that she made 52 calls/visits in February.

Moderator’s Report:  Cindy noted that St. Mary’s and she signed the Use and Maintenance Agreement for Gray Gourmet.  Cindy will provide a copy for the file.  The Farmer’s Market folks requested the use of Mother’s Park for the summer.  Our concerns about this use are the impact to the grass.  We’ll request that they move the tents to prevent overuse.  Cindy also noted that she had contacted Faye Gallegos about preaching here when Anne and Sveto go on their trip to see Elliott.  Rose Turner, a local quilter, asked if she could use the dining hall to display historical quilts during the Santa Rosalia Day on September 6th.  Our only concern is the display of the quilts- we don’t want them hung from the pipes, etc. Everyone is excited to see these quilts. For information, the dining hall is 20’x83’- to let folks know the space available. 
Sue mentioned that she has an idea for a fundraiser for Miguel Yanez- after his back injury and being out of work.  She’d like to include local veterans, the Yanez family, their friends, family; the 4H groups, etc.  We can provide the dining hall and advertising.  Sue will talk with Berenice  Yanez to get her input and then planning can be done.

Treasurer’s Report: Sue reviewed her Treasurer’s report.  She noted that two bills for gas ended up clearing in February, looking like a double payment.  The Noisy Offering to PV Robotics, in February, was $49.83.  The March Noisy Offering went to help the Scott Rienks family.  $488.67 was donated!  $5000 was transferred from the UC Fund to the savings, to be able to pay Ben Franklin for their work on the furnace repairs.  These repairs still have not been completed.

Stewardship Report:  Cyndi Leinberger plans to get the 2020 Stewardship letter out soon.

Stewards Report:  Jeannie provided the Stewards Report, even though she wasn’t able to attend.  She noted that each week, the Stewards ring the bell, greet visitors and hand out bulletins, light and extinguish the candles and help with communion as it occurs.
On February 2, 31 people attended.  It was Communion Sunday.
On February 9, 48 people attended. It was Heather Powers’ baptism. 
On February 16, 38 people attended. 
On February 23, Jeannie was gone but Pastor noted that 40 people attended.
We love Jeannie’s reports.  Thank you to Jeannie and all the Stewards, for your work. Thanks to the kids who have been helping to light the candles. 

Trustee’s Report: Sue and Cindy gave the Trustees Report.  David, from Ben Franklin, came and replaced a thermocoupler in the stove.  He worked on the boiler but will need to order some parts for it.  Cindy has since checked on the stove and it is working well. The fire extinguishers were checked and Sue asked the guy that came if he could go through the building for fire safety- looking at exit signs, the number of extinguishers, etc.  The Trustees are still planning to re-key all the locks since it’s hard to keep the building secure since so many people have keys.  Eli Power, of Ben Franklin, has a plan on how to update the upstairs bathrooms and to install a sink, counter, and cupboards in the overflow room.  The backflow valve in the 4-H room is dry.  Hopefully it will stay that way!  Sue is looking for exit signs that will be wired in to stay lit up.  The Marquee light in front of the church is causing trouble!  Cindy will check on it.

Education Report:  Sue said that she is available when kids attend.

Music Report:  Sue keeps on playing!  Thank you Sue! 

Women’s Fellowship: Sue gave the Fellowship report.  The next meeting will be on 3/10/2020 at 10 am.

Cindy noted that she needs 22 laminated signs to put on the tables, to ask people to lift them up to move them and not drag them.  The sign at the door needs to be changed to give the rules of the building.

There was no further business.

The next meeting will be on April 13, 2020 at 6:00 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.  


Respectfully submitted by  Monica Klingler, Clerk